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The kitesurfing spot Kommetjie has usually a fairly constant wind from the South or West. The South Easter can be really gusty here and not suited for kitesurfing. SW is possible for kitesurfing although it is straight on shore . Note that this kitesurfing spot is not recommended for beginners. The kitesurfing spot Kommetjie is perfect for the more advanced waveriders.

Kiteboarding Kommetjie

How to get there and rigging areas

Take the M6 road through Hout Bay and continue along the road towards Chapmans Peak Drive. This road becomes Noordhoek Drive. Turn right into Oud Kaapse Way(M64) and at the main intersection of traffic lights, turn right into Main Road(M65). Continue for about 6.5km and turn right into Kirsten Ave and head down towards the car park on the beach. Make your way down the residential roads towards the beach. There are numerous small parking lots at the beach. Rigging on the beach.

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Kiteboarding spot Kommetjie

Kitesurfing Kommetjie

Kitesurfing spot Kommetjie