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The kitesurfing spot Platboom has a small beach existing out of sand stones and rocks. You can find excellent waves here, sometimes up to 6m. The waves are very clean and coming in as sets. Perfect to train your wave riding skils. This kitesurfing spot is for really advanced riders only.

The winds is a bit gustier with SE. In the summer, the wind is mostly S to SE, which is almost perfectly sideshore. This is the perfect wind (called Cape Doctor) and can get very strong at times, up to 40 knots. The wind tends to pick up in the mornings and get stronger.

Kiteboarding platboom

How to get there and rigging areas

From Cape Town drive south towards Simon's Town and keep driving south following signs to Cape of Good Hope. Follow that road almost to its end and you will pass by the launch, just where the waves are the nicest. Rigging on the beach.

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Kiteboarding spot platboom

Kitesurfing platboom

Kitesurfing spot platboom

platboom Kitesurfing