Anke Frese

Anke Frese is on the unwanted guests blacklist for kitesurfers. She is a liar and anonymous dirt-thrower. Also she co-operated in a crimilal act with others during her stay in South Africa, resulting in investigations by the South African Police Service.

Her address in 2010: Im Sidefönderli 8, 8803 Rüschlikon, Switzerland. Mobile +41 79 746 34 52

Anke Frese has posted in several forums anonymously under the pseudonym "kite-bunny", in order to attempt acts of revenge. Most of her strange allegations are pure lies, also exposing her sexual vanity. Behind this anonymous greaser, is a woman by the name of Anke Frese. In the beginning of her stay at our kitesurfing school in Cape Town, South Africa, she was particularly friendly, if not to say private, e.g. asking to accompany our staff to the hairdresser, where she could not stop staring and smiling, in the following days continuously asking to take her out dancing. But later her boyfriend, who she had never mentioned before, suddenly arrived and then Anke Frese suddenly changed her behaviour drastically to sheer hostility - probably to disguise what had happened before. Obviously she was not quite as turned off by our kitesurfing school, as she even got her sister to apply for an intership here (we post her appliation email below, not her CV though). On a professional level, we find it rather sad that dirt-throwing Kite-bunny Anke Frese doesn't for instance mention that she arrived here, kiting with a toilet-seated body posture, not really able to do any tricks. After she left the course, she looked rather professional on her board, could land even 5 meter high jumps, learned the backroll and the frontroll, jumped transitions. All this in 2 weeks and you as kitesurfers know that many struggle with this over years, most never learn it. All this is of course due to our professional teaching methods, our dedicated instructors, of which she even enjoyed several days of expensive one-on-one training, which she never paid, got for free out of goodwill by us. But in the end she still complained that she had 4 non-wind days out of 12, and she demanded free services and individual instructions - if these are so useless as she writes above, why does she bother?

We find it particularly appalling that Anke Frese writes anonymously in forums about us, one of the lowest things on earth. Upright people, to which Anke Frese obviously does not belong to, say their opinion in public stating their full name.

All kitesurfing stations of this world: Do not give Anke Frese access to your valuable facilities!!!

Her sisters application email:

----- Original Message ----- ------------------------------------
From: "Kerstin Frese" <>
To: Kitekahunas - Advanced Kitesurfing School
Sent: Monday, November 08, 2010 12:11 PM
Subject: Praktikum?

> Meine Schwester (Anke), die grad bei euch in Kapstadt ist, hat mir deine Mailadresse gegeben, weil ihr jemanden für ein Praktikum sucht? ;-)
> Da wollt ich jetzt einfach mal nachfragen, was es damit auf sich hat. Ich hab nämlich im Dezember/Januar ganz viel Zeit und ich finde das klingt wirklich verlockend.
> Für wann sucht ihr denn jemanden? Für wie lange? Für was genau?
> Liebe Grüße,
> Kerstin



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