Francois Joubert

Francois Joubert is on the unwanted guests blacklist for kitesurfers.

His address in 2018 is: Francois Joubert, 91 Barkston Gardenss, SW5 0EU London, United Kingdom

His email addresses are:

About Francois Joubert, CEO of Next Earth, London
and former Head of Environmental Products at EDFT currently living in London.

We are writing this article about Mr. Francois Joubert with the purpose to warn future schools and other institutions such as hotels and service providers about Mr. Francois Joubert in order to prevent them from suffering from the same fate as our organization did. We predominantly want to alert others not to be tricked by this person, Francois Joubert, who is applying scamming techniques to enjoy services which he then does not want to pay for and further steal foreign property. In the current world there are many platforms to publicly complain about institutions and leave unlawfully negative reviews, but not many platforms to complain about end customers who think they can act in every unacceptable manner they wish without taking any responsibility for it.


All in all we, the entire team of the school, school participants, hotel staff and every person we spoke to, and who unfortunately had to deal with him, agree about Francois Joubert that he showed a malicious character, was a very rude person, he seems to have a huge lack of education and respect when dealing with others. Francois Joubert emotionally abused our friendly staff, and he generally behaves in an extreme unusual rude manner and due to his incredibly bad mood at all times even during his holiday, he gave us an overall impression that he is a very frustrated, unhappy and a sad person in general. Francois Joubert likes to blame others in his free time for his own unhappiness and frustrations in life. Be warned when dealing with Francois Joubert, as he does not stick to his words, he likes to enjoy services and not pay for them and threaten kitesurfing schools to leave bad reviews, if they do not refund him for the services he enjoyed. Further he tried to steal items from our school. His behaviour he showed during his stay in Cape Town in early 2018 was clearly abnormal up to a point where one can safely claim that he seems to have serious psychological issues which he should address and give immediate attention to. He likes to finger point at others for his own mistakes and general unhappiness. He emotionally abuses others and likes to harass people over the phone, via calls, via whats up and via email. He for instance harrasse our female staff late at night with unwanted messages. He likes to hide his real identity and appears with different names such as Aurelien Joubert which he uses to leave negative reviews about institutions. Francois Joubert previously worked for EDFT, London and currently Francois Joubert represents the CEO of Next Earth, London. He does not tell the truth, does not want to pay for services he enjoyed and Francois Joubert left leaving numerous negative reviews about our school to try and damage our reputation because we were not willing to honour refunds for services rendered.

Mr. Francois Joubert had booked a three day wave camp with us, a board rental for 5 days and was staying for more than 6 days at Bliss Boutique Hotel, in Cape Town, South Africa in January 2018. Francois Joubert seemed to be a very difficult customer from the beginning on, the sales process was lengthy and difficult already. He kept going forth and back with his requests, changed his mind on several occasions. He was asking on top of his own camp for lessons for his son, which we had arranged for him on the same day as the request came in. After the instructor was ready and had been arranged for him, he then decided to cancel the booking for his son last minute, claiming that it would be too expensive for him and that his son anyways was in fear of Cape Town´s conditions and therefore did not want to join anymore. The instructor we had arranged for him had to be cancelled and was left without work on that day, while we had cancelled another student on this day because of Francois´ request. Francois Joubert did not pay for the these professional services rendered, but instead asked for a refund for the services rendered to him, despite the fact that he had enjoyed the full service. He threatened our staff that he would leave bad reviews, if we do not follow his sick demand.

Francois Joubert had booked a 3 day camp and 5 day board rental with our school and we had kindly asked him via email to come to the school on the first of January, 2018 at 9.30am in order to be properly checked in and to give him his board before the camp would start one day later due to little wind on this day. We had informed Francois, that we only had personnel staying in the office until 4pm, so it was clear that we would not be able to hand him the board afterwards on this day. Up until 4pm on this day, he had not turned up at the office, he has not made further contact to us, except sending messages on whatsup, which could not be attended immediately (peak season) as we were busy with other students. On the same day, wind happened to come up in the late afternoon around 17.15h, because Francois Joubert had not passed by the school for check-in, he had no board, and hence he could not go onto the water himself. Later he blamed the school for not having had his board on this day.

On the second of January he was scheduled for 12.30h to finally be checked-in and to enjoy his 2 hour foundational lesson before his camp, which he did. He was already in a very bad mood and very angry when he turned up the first time, he rudely blamed the school for not having had his board the day before and demanded we should refund him the day of board rental which we did without further comments, just to keep peace, as a sign of goodwilll.

After his safety foundational lesson, the wind took an hour longer as was predicted in all forecasts available, Francois Joubert got even more angry, blamed the school for wasting his time because the wind was later than expected and that we were the reason why he could not spend more time with his family in his holiday. He was in a terrible mood, moaned around to all staff members and camp participants, but then joined the dowinder, by the end of the downwinder he was still behaving in a very rude manner sticking to his points and demanding that we should only ask him to come to the school when the wind was on already next time.

The next day, 3rd of January we had scheduled Francois for 13:00h as all windforecast predicted wind by then, he called us many times on whats up, saying he was not willing to come early and he demanded to postpone the camp because of his late arrival, while knowing that there were other camp participants, who have booked with us in order to enjoy as much water time as possible. He wanted to have lunch with his family instead at his own time and he said he was not able to come by 13:00 as his stomach would need time to digest afterwards. We reverted back to the other camp participants, who refused to start later because of this difficult person Francois (to say the least). We informed him about it and gave him the option to come whenever he wanted and join for the second downwinder instead or call him when the wind was on trying our best to accommodate his wish. Nevertheless he came to the school at the scheduled time for the camp, brought in a salad, which he ate outside the school, being in a miserable mood again, complaining about the school, that he had no time for his family because of us, that he had not time to eat and he tried to let all his anger out to everybody, who had to be around him for another day. By that time we already received several complaints from the hotel he was staying at in Bliss Boutique Hotel, Cape Town, claiming he was the worst customer they had ever seen. He would also complain there about anything one could think of, again he would try to let out his anger onto every person he came across and emotionally abuse others.

The day after a similar scenario happened. On this day though, the downwinder had to be stopped 2 km before the end, due to an incident that happened on the downwinder between another kiter and the camp guide, who was not to be blamed. Being responsible for the group, the guide decided to stop the downwinder shortly before then end, for safety reasons. Francois decided not to listen and just carried on further. The guide was worried about Francois and rushed behind him with our driver, due to the incident the guide lost his wave board. But because he was trying to run after Francois Joubert he had no time to further look for his board and hence he lost it.

The guide found Francois around the coastline and fetched him with the driver. Instead of being thankful to the guide, Francois Joubert blamed the guide for being incompetent, accused him of not being a certified instructor, which is untrue, and blamed the school again for the bad wind and his lack of time for his family. He was extremely rude to all our staff members and kept harassing certain members via whatsapp until late night demanding his refund even though he had enjoyed three days of the camp, the foundational lesson, our infrastructure, constant coaching with video feedback during the camp and other services of the school as well as the board rental. By then we had noticed that Francois Joubert, who had taken another board from our school, decided to not bring it back after the camp as usual, but instead took it away from the school to his hotel. We demanded to hand the board back to us and to leave our school for good. He was not willing to do so, kept the board for the next day to use it again and threatened us to keep the board forever unless we would give him a refund. The owner of the school was forced to pass by his hotel and threatened Francois Joubert with a criminal case against him for theft at the South African Police. Finally and under pressure, Francois Joubert handed the board back to us.

We felt traumatized due to Francois Jouberts´ disrespectful behaviour, we are sad that such people get the right to speak on public platforms, we further want to prevent this from happening in the future, but nevertheless we honestly hope that Francois Joubert will find professional help one day for his apparent mental disorders he has presented to us over a period of several weeks.

All kitesurfing stations of this world: Do not give Francois Joubert access to your valuable facilities and services!!!

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