Stefanie Adam

Stefanie Adam is on the unwanted guests blacklist for kitesurfers. She was involved in a crimilal act during her stay in South Africa, resulting in investigations by the South African Police Service. She is a liar and anonymous dirt-thrower.

Her address in 2010: Friedensallee 73, 22763 Hamburg, Germany. Mobile +49 177 689 4448

Stefanie Adam has posted in several forums anonymously, together with another person, under the pseudonym "Kite-Elli", in order to attempt acts of revenge. Most of her strange allegations are pure lies. Behind this anonymous greaser, is a woman by the name of Stefanie Adam.

Forums are meant to help people to find honest information. Unfortunately some people abuse Forums to do their dirt-throwing revenge campaigns, reflecting the nature of their character, like this "Kite-Elli". Behind this pseudonym are 2 women by the name of Stefanie Adam and Ulrike Sprock.Stefanie Adam is an interior designer. Stefanie Adam came to our kitesurfing school and tried to violate our payment terms and conditions by not paying for services, with the excuse "she would pay later". She then continuously tried to extort us with rather vicious means to get free services and refunds, openly threatening us "if you don't pay we will post negative reports in the Forums about you". She even claimed that they have successfully done this before at other kitesurfing stations. We of course did not fall victim to these blackmailers - but the reader of their above comments is now victimized by uttlery misleading information. Later, Stefanie Adam stole items from our school, resulting in a criminal case against her and investigations by the South African Criminal Police Force and an order to stay away from our house.


We find it particularly appalling that Stefanie Adam writes anonymously in forums about us, one of the lowest things on earth. Upright people, to which Stefanie Adam does not belong to, say their opinion in public stating their full name.

All kitesurfing stations of this world: Do not give Stefanie Adam access to your valuable facilities!!!


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