Dr. Tiberiu Anghel

Tiberiu Anghel is on the unwanted guests blacklist.

His address in 2018 is: Montreal, Quebec, Canada

His email addresses are: anghel.tiberiu@gmail.com

Dr Tiberiu Anghel - accused of extortion, libel and defamation

About Dr. Tiberiu Anghel, Medical Doctor, Montreal (Quebec), Canada - Family doctor. Accused of extortion, libel, defamation.

We are writing this article about Dr. Tiberiu Anghel with the purpose to warn other schools, kitesurfing schools, kitesurfing stations, and others about Dr. Tiberiu Anghel. He arrived at out kitesurfing school in January 2018. He acknowledged the numerous positive statements and compliments by our previous customers. Then, after his initial strong compliments about our services, he suddenly complained that he wanted to kitesurf more than five hours per day on the Wave Camp (more than 5 hours net water time). We explained to him that no customer ever had this request and we could not accommodate him. So he wanted to quit the Wave Camp and requested from us to convert his credits to private lessons. We fully agreed to his demands without hesitation and honored his request. Then a few days later he did not appear to his lessons any more. We have spent many attempts to contact Dr. Anghel and to find out what the situation was, we were worried about his well-being, and wanted to ask him how we could make him happy. Dr. Tiberiu Anghel however did not take any phone calls, did not answer any messages or any emails. After a few weeks we found out why. Instead of giving us the opportunity to discuss the situation and to make him happy to his full satisfaction, Tiberiu Anghel opted to set up fraudster profiles on social media, people whose existence Dr. Tiberiu Anghel had invented, pretending that they had been our customers. With these identities he wrote, in our view, false, libellous, defamatory and wrong reports about our school on the internet. Dr Tiberiu Anghel did this with great effort, using fraudulent identities, which reveals, in our view, his criminal drive.

The director of our school tried to contact him on many occasions. He wanted to ask him, what made him so unhappy and how we could rectify the situation and to come to an amicable solution. Dr. Tiberiu Anghel, however, did not take any calls, nor had Dr. Anghel the courtesy to respond to emails, but instead he carried on with his fraudulent activities, directed solely at damaging the reputation of our school. Dr. Tiberiu Anghel has so much criminal energy that rather than negotiating a solution, which would help both of us, Dr. Anghel preferred to continue his fake reviews, his libellous and dafamatory statements and malicious activities.

One would expect, under adults and reasonable people, if Dr. Tiberius Anghel had a complaint, that we talk about it and we together find a solution, which fits both parties. But Dr. Tiberius Anghel obviously thinks otherwise. He believes he has reason and justification to invent fictious customers, who then write complaints about our school, to misguide innocent other kitesurfers and to damage our business.

Schocked by such criminal energy, we in due course started investigations about Dr. Tiberiu Anghel, and amongst other activities employed professional investigators, to find out, who he is and what may be wrong with him. During our investigations and those of professional investigators alarming reports on the internet about Dr. Tiberiu Anghel and his medical practice in Montreal / Quebec and Welland / Ontario surfaced. Reportedly, there were incidents with minors in his practice, which involved police investigation. We do not know what exactly happened, at this stage, but we have experienced his sinister character and his attitude towards other people and our school. Beware of this person. This is our advice.

All kitesurfing stations of this world: Do not give Tiberiu Anghel access to your valuable facilities and services!

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