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Guided & Safe Kitesurfing

Don't WANT to register on one of our advanced kitesurfing courses? But still want to kitesurf in a group and not all by yourself? Then KITEWISE - GUIDED & SAFE KITESURFING - might be just right for you!

You want to visit the great kitesurfing location Cape Town - people speak of the world's kitesurfing capital? But you feel a bit overwhelmed with the many kitesurfing beaches with a huge variety of conditions in Cape Town, from flat water to smaller and larger waves, and downwind spots? You want to be at the ideal kitesurfing beach every day, depending on the wind conditions? You want to be in a group and you like some hints and tips from one of our instructors, e.g. like how to deal with waves? Our Instructors will keep an eye on you during the day, to advance your kitesurfing skills and for your safety.

Guided and Safe Kitesurfing

You also need some guidance when visiting some of the 30+ super kitesurfing spots around Cape Town? You would like to have somebody experienced, who will discuss your options and do some planning with you every evening and every morning, depending on weather conditions and wind?

In general you don't feel 100% confident in kitesurfing alone or you haven't been on the water for quite a while?

Then KITEWISE - GUIDED & SAFE KITESURFING -is right for you!

Safer Kitesurfing

All participants in the KITEWISE - GUIDED & SAFE KITESURFING pool, who decide to follow the "advice of the day" by our instructors will enjoy some form of supervision, hints and tips at this specific kitesurfing spot of the day. The instructor will also keep an eye on you for safety and security.


UPGRADE OPTION: If you feel after a while that you should rather participate in one of our highly recommended advanced kitesurfing courses, you have the option to upgrade to a kitesurfing course. Transport is included in our advanced courses, so you don't need to have your own transport. On the right is a list of our kitesurfing courses on offer. Click on the links to get detailed descriptions of our kitesurfing course.

Kitesurfing with no injuries


Kitesurfing Beginners Lessons
Safe Kitesurfing

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Kitesurfing safe

Course Details

kitesurfing beginners courseBeginners Course Module A: Learn to kitesurf. Course details >>

kiteboarding course upwindBeginners Course Module B: Preparation for the ocean. Course details >>

kitesurfing learn to jumpBeginners Course Module C: Learn riding comfortably. Course details >>

advanced kiteboarding course Beginners Course Module D: Riding upwind and transitions. Course details >>

Wave KitesurfingKITEKAHUNAS Wave Kitesurfing Course. Course details >>

advanced kiteboarding lessons womenAccent on Jumping. Learn to jump. Course details >>

kitesurfing lessonsAccent on Rotation Jumps and Transitions. Advanced rider level necessary. course details >>

kitesurfing unhookedAccent on Freestyle Advanced and unhooked rricks. course details >>

Learn to Kitesurf - Kitesurfing Beginners Course Cape Town

Safer Kitesurfing

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