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Wave Kitesurfing Course & Wave Kitesurfing Safari in South Africa

Thirteen days of unforgettable adventure in South Africa. Starting with kitesurfing the famous waves of Cape Town followed by a kite expedition along the East Coast of South Africa!

Hit the water every day with the professional coaching team of Kitekahunas - Advanced Kitesurfing School, alongside with pioneers of kitesurfing such as Anthony Berzack and Jason Furness.

Come to discover with us some of South Africa's secret wave kitesurfing spots!

wave kitesurfingIn this picture: Jason Furness, world champion manager

Here is a quick snapshot of the 13 best days of your life!

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Tour dates

All our Wave Kitesurfing Courses combined with the Wave Kitesurfing Safari start on a Saturday evening and run for the duration of 13 days until Thursday two weeks later.


Cape Town, and some secret spots along the East Coast of South Africa.


Phase 1 - Wave Kitesurfing Course

4 day intensive Wave Kitesurfing Course at Cape Town`s best spots, to improve your wave kitesurfing skills with our famous Sunset Beach downwinders and individual teaching feedback. In this phase you also have time to check and complete your kitesurfing material.

Phase 2 - Wave Kitesurfing Safari

8 days of free training with Kitekahunas's Wave Kitesurfing Safari along the East Coast of South Africa, in the Western Cape and Eastern Cape Provinces. The exact starting date of this phase Wave Kitesurfing Safari is subject to wind and weather!


Anthony Berzack and Jason Furness alongside with the professional instructor team of Kitekahunas - Advanced Kitesurfing School.


Wave kitesurfing, wave kitesurfing and wave kitesurfing in some of the best spots of the world!

During the Wave Kitesurfing Safari you will have the opportunity to try paragliding tandem flights, wakeboarding, the highest commercially operated Bungee jump of the world and Shamwari Private Game Reserve!

Group Size: Maximum 8


During Phase 1: Kitekahunas Beach House right on Sunset Beach if available or one of our neighbour luxury kitesurfing guest house. All of them are beautiful, close to the beach and to the Kitekahunas Beach House.

During Phase 2: Island Vibes backpackers in Pilipili and in Jeffreys Bay. These are prime spots, right on location, with restaurant, bar and kitesurf shop.


Price for the Wave Kitesurfing Course & Wave Kitesurfing Safari in South Africa, including accommodation, course and coaching and transfer to the wave kitesurfing spots is EUR 1999,-

Please also note our KITEKAHUNAS Wave Camps for only EUR 999,- for 11 days / 13 nights, including transfer and accommodation.

This price excludes flight, airport transfer, food, equipment and entrance to attractions.

Content of the 4 days intensive
Wave Kitesurfing Course (Phase 1)

During the 4 day intensive Wave Kitesurfing Course we are going to discover the best wave spots of Cape Town such as Sunset Beach, Kite Beach, Witsands or Big Bay. During phase 1 you will also have the opportunity to fine-tune and complete your kitesurfing gear and specifically improve your wave kitesurfing skills to get you ready for phase 2, the 8 exhilarating days of the Wave Kitesurfing Safari!

kitesurfing waves

What you will learn during phase 1 and the Wave Kitesurfing Course breakdown

wave kitesurfing South Africa


Itinerary of the Wave Kitesurfing
Safari in South Africa (Phase 2)

The most adventurous 8 days of the Wave Kitesurfing Safari are starting now. We will be travelling along the beautiful East Coast and kite several of South Africa's best breaks ranging from beach breaks to reef and point breaks to take your wave riding to the next level.

In order to bring you the best of the East Coast of South Africa, we have set up 4 base camps that are within range of the best riding spots. These spots can vary, depending on the precise wind and swell conditions on the day.

wave kitesurfing safari


Witsands Lagoon - 1 day

This is a remote spot that is at least a half an hour drive off the highway down to the coast. Exposed to plenty of wind, but protected by a sandbar that runs at a right angle to the prevailing south east winds.

This is the perfect place to optimize your techniques for a hard carving bottom turn on super-smooth flat water, which is the key to tapping into becoming a solid wave-rider or intensify your riding style by going harder and faster. Here you can also practice how to position and move the kite while wave-riding, so that this becomes automatic and not a distraction when you are riding waves.


Sedgefield, Pilipili - 1 night 1 day

Smooth inside beach break on location. This spot picks up plenty of swell and when it is flat everywhere else, there is normally still a reasonably good wave to ride here.

The east wind is the best for riding the beach break in front of Pilipili, but there are also great downwinders with wind from either the east or the west.

World class downwinders on the garden route coastline - not much to say about these other than: if you get it good, you shall understand...



At Bloukrans River Bridge, with a height of 216 metres and a 7 second free fall, the Bloukrans Bungy is the highest commercially operated bungee jump in the world.


Cape St Francis & Jeffreys Bay (Paradise Lagoon) & Gamtoos Lagoon - 1 night 1 day

Peeling point breaks, lagoon spots, plenty of wind from both sides. The east winds are a little more onshore and the west winds more offshore in this area. This makes the lagoons plenty of fun in the onshore winds, but also means that you get cross-offshore winds and smooth peeling breaks in the west winds for some great park and ride opportunities, down the line riding in world class surf breaks.

Jeffreys Bay has become a vibrant, happening town in season.


Shamwari Private Game Reserve is home to Africa's Big 5 (elephant, rhino, buffalo, lion and leopard), is malaria free and is situated in the Eastern Cape of South Africa.


Cannon rocks / Kenton-on-Sea - 4 nights

This place gets even more consistent wind than Cape Town! Point breaks, downwinders and loads of various world-class spots to ride within a 30km stretch of curved bays with lagoons. There are several curved bays with point breaks running off the end of each bay. This area is very exposed and picks up plenty of wind from both sides. There are many different beach and wind angles, so traveling around within this strip of about 30km can be useful to ensure riding the best happening spot on the day. This area is remote, unspoiled nature!

At Cannon Rocks, there are a series of sandbars, which means when the swell gets large, you can still ride the inside break at 4 ft with a mid break double that size and an outside break double that size!


There are several spots along the way to keep an eye on, where the wind provides us with perfect conditions to get some last sessions of the Wave Kitesurfing Safari!

There is a short stop at Noetzie beach near Knysna where we can see some beautiful castles on the beach. Unfortunately no kiting here, just a cool, chilled spot that is absolutely worth checking out!

On the way back we stay over for a last night in Sedgefield again, in order to check the conditions and see where to ride on the next day before arriving back in Cape Town!

wave kitesurfing courseDon't miss out on the best kite-adventure of the year!


Kitesurfing Beginners Lessonsthe Wave Kitesurfing Course
& Wave Kitesurfing Safari in South Africa

Please notice that this is a not a beginner course. Before booking this course you should be at a hooked-in intermediate kite control level, and you should be able to perform basic jumps (as taught in our advanced course C - learning to jump).

Your rider level will be assessed at the beginning of the course. It is in your own best interest to assign yourself to the correct course at the correct level.

wave kitesurfing
wave kitesurfingIn this picture: Anthony Berzack, kitesufing pro athlete
Anthony wave kitesurfing

Anthony Berzack

Anthony Berzack began kitesurfing in 1999. Competed on international circuit 2000 and 2001. He was a teamrider for Naish and later on for Cabrinha.

Got a place in top 5 positions in all international events entered. Now he is riding for Wainman Hawaii South Africa. Anthony had almost always ridden directionals (wave boards) and almost always been into wave riding with kites.

He has been doing kitesurfing trips up the east coast of South Africa for more than 10 years finding all the best spots depending on the conditions of the day on a seemingly endless coastline that has great wind, waves, downwinders and point-breaks.

Jason Furness wave kitesurfing

Jason Furness

Jason Furness, a former kite-buggy World Champion, has been on the kitesurfing scene since the very beginning and is one of the pioneers of the sport.

Having competed on the Kitesurf International Scene between 1999 and 2002 for Flexifoil, he moved on to become their Team Manager / Brand Manager.

Back in 2000 he spotted and sponsored a young boy named Aaron Hadlow, who went on to become the 5-times World Champion, Jason was his mentor, friend and Manager for these years.

Since Jason left Flexifoil, has moved to South Africa, Cape Town and is now distributing Wainman Hawaii products throughout South Africa with a vision for much more to come.

Anthony and Jason met whilst competing on the pro kitesurf tour way back in 2000. It didn't take much convincing for Antony to get Jason to come and visit Cape Town and of course to do some East Coast wave kitesurfing trips. Needless to say, Jason now lives in Cape Town with his wife and two kids.

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