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Nikki Dreijer - Owner Operator at Seaside Sports 5
1 March 2017

Had my first Kitesurf experience with the crew of Kite Kahuna's. Took the 3 day course. Because of my background experience with powerkiting I was able to ride the first lesson. To stay challenged, KH gave me the opportunity to go out in the ocean for a downwinder at lesson #3!! I learned a lot and feel confident enough to go in the Dutch sea. Hopefully see you next year :)

Justin Marshall 5
10 February 2017

Thoroughly enjoyed my time with Kitekahunas. I took part in the B course provided by the school and with the help of the instructors managed to achieve my goal of feeling confident as an independent rider. Thank you to the school and the instructors for a great experience that I won't soon forget.

Nicole Zehnder 5
6 February 2017

I have had an amazing time with Kitekahunas in Capetown. We spent about 3 weeks with them and did the A and B course. I think they are one of the only ones offering such a long and proper course. One does learn everything necessary about Kitesurfing... Safety is very important for them, which is also very important for me and they did a great job on that. Their instructor's are superb. :) Tom Fuller, the chief instructor does an amazing job... We spent most of our lessons with Steve, who was incredible as well... It was so much fun, amazing people, incredible sport... Truly had a great time. Thnxs and hopefully c ya soon

Julian Sunario 5
13 January 2017

After watching the kitekahunas instructional videos I've wanted to come to Cape Town and kite. This was amongst the best wave kiting I have experienced and the downwinder is nothing short of magical. The enthusiasm and energy of Tom and Mowgli was awesome and gave me the confidence to smack it on the waves. And thanks Wayne for manning the bus and being a legend! Cheers for a great week kitekahunas

Lukas Eisner - Head of Department of Surgery at Kantonsspital Olten 5
7 December 2016

fun place, fun people, dedicated teachers we were here for 3 weeks and had a couple of no wind days, so if you want to make sure to get enough wind days for your A / B course plan enough time. Good conditions for beginners in Langebaan (70min drive!), rather rough at sunset beach... Started out with no knowledge at all and were able to ride at the end. Thanx Lou

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Ruben Nieman
South Africa
December 2014 Course B

KITEKAHUNASFeedback about KITEKAHUNAS by Ruben: Kitekahunas is definitely an awesome kiteschool that provides one to one lessons up to max two people in a group. During my course I have learned to be a fully independant kitesurfer. I got to achieve more than the goal I had when I came here on my first day! I've learned to kite upwind comfortably, to turn around without any struggles, to ride toeside and even land a few planned and unplanned jumps! I had an awesome time here!

Markus Walter
Sales Manager
mwalter [a]
November 2014 Course A

KITEKAHUNASFeedback about KITEKAHUNAS by Markus: Great spots, super team. All the three days were very easy going and always lough and fun. I will definitely come back. Great spirit, Sebastien did a great job!

Darren Wilcox
Country manager Columbia Sportswear
dwilcox1315 [a]
November 2014 Downwind Camp + Lessons

KITEKAHUNASFeedback about KITEKAHUNAS by Darren: Great organisation for the week, times to meet and clear plan. I was well informed at 9am every morning. Excellent instruction from Tom, very talented instructor and will be sure to get the best out of you. Having Julien to take photos in Langebaan was awesome! It was my first trip in Cape Town and Kitekahunas made the experience amazing, very professional and super talented.

Mariela Raffo
Management Consultant
October 2014 Half A + B Courses

KITEKAHUNASFeedback about KITEKAHUNAS by Mariella: I did a five day course and had a really good time. The teachers were great at asserting my level and to make sure I would get the most of my course.

Daniel Simon
First Officer on a Ship
dansimonster [a]
October 2014 A+B Courses

review KITEKAHUNASFeedback about KITEKAHUNAS by Dan: I arrived at the school with a limited skill set and knowledge of kiting. Barely being able to get up on the board on day 1… I left riding upwind, transitioning turns, riding toes side, riding through shored break and testing some jumps. I couldn’t have done it without the boys at Kitekahunas. Their professionalism and skill set clearly shows through my progression.

David Ramsden
Non-executive director
david.ramsden [a]
31. Dec 2013 - 16 Jan 2014 - Wave Camp

Feedback KitekahunasGreat house and accommodation. Close to quiet beach, Very good for wave riding. Especially two excellent downwinders.

Corey Houle
Project leader - SwissKitePower
coreyhoule [a]
Christmas 2013 - Wave Camp

Feedback KitekahunasFor me the Wave Camp was a great experience for a number of reasons: First, I was able to demo a Slingshot RPM during anice long downwinders, and was very impressed by the kite. I bought two of them, a 7m2 and 10m2 the next day. With these two kites i was able to ride in almost all conditions encountered in the next weeks. Second, it was great to have a mix of different riders/ personalities to hand out and ride wth which helped increase the whole social aspect of the sport. Third, the staff was really friendly and helpful and were able to offer a great all around customer service experience. Finally the conditions were absolutely sick and from my experience the best i have encountered. Big waves and super strong winds with an amazing view of table mountain cannot be beat! .

Nicolò Arrighini
nicolo.arrighini [a]
18. Dec 2013 - 07. Jan 2014- Wave Camp

Feedback KitekahunasI was very happy with the camp, the place is beautiful and peaceful and the spot for kiting is amazing. In three weeks i have improved a lot my skills, learning for the first time some unhooked tricks. Conditions can be very hard and that is good because you must learn things properly, to do them. Goinig downwind 7 or 14 kilometers, with the driver that carries you back to the camp, is not an every day thing, it lets you enjoy all your time in the sea.

Jemima Pellatt & Carl Baines
HR & Project Engineer
j.pellatt [a]
28. Dec 2013 - 04. Jan 2014 - Course A + B

Feedback KitekahunasWe both really enjoyed the week course at KiteKahunas. The frist few days was great as we went to a variety of locations that suited beginners. The last few days were challenging with the waves, however, can now kitesurf in a variety of conditions. Out instructor Marc-Kevin was absolutely great ensuring we moved at a pace that suited out ability level. The team at KiteKahunas was very friendly and made us feel at home.

Clemens Kösters
clemens [a]
16. - 21. November 2013 - Course B

Feedback KitekahunasIt was an awesome experience. Nice team atmosphere. They build up your confidence and give you good feedback how to advance with your kiteboarding style.

Robin Mösli
robin.moesli [at]
23. Feb - 28. Feb 2013 - Course A

Feedback KitekahunasI was a complete beginner and I am very happy with the course and my instructor, Jan. He was very patient and according to him I was a very fast learner. On my 4th and last day we went in the ocean for the first time - perfect challenge for the last day, it was good fun! Accomodation was also fine, the house was directly at the beach.

Christoph Oppenauer

christoph.oppenauer [at]
15. Feb - 19. Feb 2013 - Course B

Feedback KitekahunasI took my first kiteboarding lessons almost 10 years ago but had long breaks in between. Now I wanted to ride in the waves with the help of an instructor - and it was very much fun. The teaching approch was very good: Jan, my instructor, was on the water with me and gave me feedback through the radio. Sometimes he rode in front of me to show me how to do things and then I tried to do the same. The most usefull lessons I've ever taken - thanks to Jan, he was great.

Thomas Muheim

thomas.muheim [at]
28. Dec 2012 - 11. Jan 2013 - Wave Camp

Feedback KitekahunasI was happy with the course. It was interesting to see different kitespots as there was not always wind in Cape Town. I had fun at the wave downwinders and experienced all conditions from small waves to big waves and winds up to 50 knots. There are a lot of memories I will never forget. Acommodation was great and the beach house is located perfectly. Had fun with instructor Ugo and would love to come again to do the same thing. Nothing got stolen and I didn't injure myself or got any sicknesses but I would recommend to rent a car when you come here.

Monika Simanic + Claudio Scherrer
monika.simanic [at]
08. Dec - 21. Dec 2012 - Course A+B

Feedback KitekahunasUgo was a good, experienced instructor and his "step by step" concept is very good. He and the whole Kitekahunas team was very nice. We are also happy with the accomodation, the room was nice and the beachhouse is perfectly located. We couldn't say anything negative and would recommend it to everybody.

Julian, Nic + 3 children
juliantomlinson [at]
22. Oct - 2. Nov 2012 - Course A+B

Feedback KitekahunasAll the family had a great time. Instructors were good, giving you the confidence you need to kitesurf.

Gavin de Klerk
Software developer
South Africa
gavin [at]
13. Oct - 21. Oct 2012 - Course B

Feedback KitekahunasInstructor Ugo and his approach is very good. Achieved everything I wanted: going upwind, edging properly, gaining speed with confidence. I am very happy with the courses I took at Kitekahunas and I recommend it to others. I like the location at the beach and I also liked the accomodation very much. I appreciated the help with getting the right gear for me. I liked the radio feedback while kiting.

Tim Harris
Medical doctor
Tim.Harris [at]
17. Nov - 21. Nov 2011 - private lessons

Kitesurfing KapstadtI enjoyed my time at Kitekahunas! Gilles, my instructor, was very sensible , patient and professional. The instant feedback via radio communication helped me to improve fast. My overall experience with Kitekahunas was very positive and I will certainly return for another course.

Emiliano Oliveira
emilianogeo [at]
13. Mar - 25. Mar 2011 - Course B

Feedback KitekahunasAlthough I was not so lucky with the wind, legendary as it usually blows in Cape Town, I had however great learning with low wind conditions and the staff was always taking us for the best conditions. Andy, Wim and Wolf are very good instructors and their tips in and outside the water helped me a lot! Kitekahunas owns a real kitesurfing playground considering downwind conditions in Sunset Beach! Definitely a place to return!

Michael Rübke
Freelancer Online Marketing
michi [at]
12. Fe - 24. Feb 2011 - Course B/C

Kitesurfing South AfricaI got what I expected. I am still very happy that Andy, my personal Kitekahunas Instructor, taught me so well. During only 12 days I improved my skills a lot, learned finally even my first front roll and enjoyed every single moment. Keep on teaching kitesurfing skills like this - Kitekahunas! Hang Loose - Michi.

Tamara Napravnik
Freelancer Graphic and Web Design
tami [at]
13. Mar - 25. Mar 2011 - Course A+B

Kitesurfing CapetownI came here without any experience in watersports and actually rather scared of deep water. Then my beginners course started and I dared to go on the water with my kite in Langebaan and soon later in Cape Town ... and this in the end with great success! After my three weeks A+B course I actually could ride and have huge fun in the waves of Sunset Beach! My special thanks goes to Wim and Andy, my instructors, for their patience and their empathy! After all these experiences here at Kitekahunas I actually cannot wait to train and perfect my riding upwind skills back home in Germany! Thank you Kitekahunas for the fantastic time! See you soon and my very best regards .. Tami ;-)

Thomas Manser
Elektro Projektleiter
thomaso1981 [at]
20. Jan - 30. Jan 2011 - Course B

Feedback KitekahunasFirstly: Andy and Wim are excellent kitesurfing instructors. With some help of them I became definitely a much better kitesurfer and lived the great kitesurfing lifestyle here at Kitekahunas. Also the wind was really constant here, I went almost everyday kitesurfing, that was a lot of fun.

Julie Hübner
Make-up Artist
jule.huebner [at]
31. Dec 2010 - 28. Jan 2011 - Course C/D

Kitesurfing South
AfricaI had really nice vacations and i learned a lot. My best experience was the front roll and finally i learned how to do the back loop transition. Andy is an excellent trainer and he always motivated me to try out the moves, even if it means to crash a lot.

Edouard Rodier
Humanitarian Expert - European Commission
edouard_rodier [at]
31. Dec 2010 - 13. Jan 2011 - Course B

Kitesurfing travel South
AfricaFrom scratch to riding upwind with Table Mountain on the background .. pleasant and successful holidays. Kitekahunas is a good concept, with just a few tuning, it would become unique.

Ollie Latter
oliver [at]
10. Dec - 31. Dec 2010 - Course A+B

Kitesurfing travel South AfricaCame out as a complete beginner and in 15 days was riding and jumping and having lots of fun. Fully addicted to my new found sport. The quality of instructors was excellent, great coaching style. Wim is the best. Just hope one day I could see him ride. Thanks for a very relaxing and enjoyable holiday.

Martin Engelhardt
First Luitenant,Royal Danish Navy
martin [at]
03. Jan - 14. Jan 2011 - Course A+B

Kitesurfing travelSun, water, fun and not at least wind! Really enjoyed my stay here, learned a lot from the excellent instructors. I came with no experience at all and as I left, I actually can call myself a kitesurfer.

Dr David Wells
Medical Doctor / Radiologist
david_wells [at]
1. Jan - 15. Jan 2011 - Course D/E

Kitesurfing travel
AfricaWithout struggle there is no progress. Kitekahunas really pushed me to the limit in the most extreme conditions. This was essential in substantially improving my kiteboarding skills. Hats off to Andy!!!

Jeremy Rogers
Freelance Consultant
jksrogers [at]
18. Dec - 31. Dec 2010 - Course C/D

Kitesurfing travelHigh quality concept, instruction and delivery. Feel I've progressed a long way and learnt a lot of new things. Overall experience more mixed though, the place would benefit from a more positive outlook. Have lots of good memories as well.

Rebecca "Tikky" Newman
rebeccaxnewman [at]
18. Dec - 31. Dec 2010 - Course B/C

Kitesurfing travelNot for the faint-hearted as Cape Town has waves; the instructors were excellent - though perhaps could have given more advice on radios. I improved a good deal in the course. As for Wim as the tutor: really the best. And once used to the sea you may never want to kite anywhere alse than Cape Town!

Tim Hill
tim.hill [at]
18. Dec - 31. Dec 2010 - Course C/D

Kitesurfing travel Cape TownGreat kiting spot, sensational wave-riding experience and learnings. Hugely professional instructors. A very enjoyable two weeks!

Matthias Willi
Team Leader at Bank
matthias.willi [at]
04. Dec - 17. Dec 2010 - Course C/D

Kitesurfing travel South AfricaI have been here last year to learn kitesurfing and now I have returned for course C/D to learn jumping. I was successful. Kitekahunas has a good infrastructure, everything is clean and I enjoyed in particular: The free internet access, the very good, experienced kitesurfing instructors, the great kitesurfing spot in Cape Town, the ratio of instructors to students, which allowed for intensive training, the whiteboard with the daily programme.

Olivia Kuster
olivia.kuster [at]
22. Nov - 06. Dec 2010 - Course A+B

South Africa kitesurfing travelI really enjoyed the time with Kitekahunas in Cape Town. Special thanks fo Josefine's patience in teaching me kitesurfing. I will definitely come back and hopefully bring my kitesurfing skills to a new level: to learn jumping. What really amazed me is that Cape Town and South Africa has so much to offer next to kitesurfing, when the wind is not blowing. Beautiful country!

Medical Doctor
a.stix [at]
21. Feb - 04. Mar 2010 - Course D

Kitesurfing travelI had a wonderful time here in cape town – wind and waves were on our side most of the time. I really enjoyed Matt’s professional teaching – he pushed me to new moves and tricks.
There were also plenty of activities for the few no wind days, such as wakeboarding in the cablepark, wine tasting and hiking up the lion’s head.

Uffe Sorensen
IT Manager
24. Jan - 05. Feb 2010 - Course H

Kitesurfing ReisenThanks for good instruction to Gabe and Matt and pushing my wave riding to a more aggressive level. And thanks to the rest and the dog for a relaxed atmosphere in the house.

Andreas Sell
Chief Sales Officer
A_sell [at]
29. Jan - 05. Feb 2010 - Course B

Kitesurfing SüdafrikaVery nice group of people in the course. Fantastic spot. Friendly and helpful instructors. Good rental equipment but too less wind in this week. A fantastic and relaxing week in Sunset Beach. I will come back to continue the sessions. Thanks to Wolf, Matt, Gabe, Mariska, Victoria and Bagle for a very warm and helpful atmosphere.

Jeroen de Kok
Managing Director
The Netherlands
Jeroen.dekok [at]
10. Jan - 21. Jan 2010 - Course A+B

Kitesurfing Reisen SüdafrikaI had an awesome experience in Kiteboarding with Kitekahunas. From struggling with the kite, the board and the water to riding in a short time. I am afraid I’m hooked to the sport now!

Deliobrito [at]
02. Jan - 06. Jan 2010 - Course D

Kitesurfing Reisen KapstadtThe wind was not on my side during my short stay, however when it came one day in Langebaan the experience just blew my mind away. This is a “young” team motivated and dedicated in building up a very interesting concept of kitesurfing training experience and as they fine tune this concept I believe it will only get better. If you are willing to take kitesurfing into the next level they will push you to that limit with their instruction, tips and insight either from observing you or by demonstrating for you. I will be back to see them taking off …

Patrycja.weglorz [at]
03. Jan - 17. Jan 2010 - Course B

Kitesurfing Reisen Südafrika I have really enjoyed:
- The great atmosphere
- Professionalism of the Kitekahunas team
- Matt & Gabe flying high
- The sense of humour
- Bagle (the dog)

Dorian Sakowski
Senior Architect
Dorian.Sakowski [at]
03. Jan - 17. Jan 2010 - Course D

Kitesurfing Reisen Kapstadt Südafrika Objectives to be achieved: · Jumping · Advanced jumps · Transitions · Backloops Objectives fulfilled: · Jumps · Partially advanced jumps · Transitions General impression: I attended several kitesurfing courses in my life and for the first time I’ve obtained so professional assistance from the school. In fact the staff was very experienced in teaching and very helpful in assisting on the water. Each question was properly advised as well as many suggestions were given on their own initiative.

Peter Busch
Self employed
Peterbusch [at]
27. Dec - 10. Jan 2010 - Course A + B

Kitesurfing Reisen Südafrika The kitesurfing spot Langebaan was the best place for me to learn kitesurfing, to learn how to get on the board. The kitesurfing spot Sunset Beach is for the more advanced riders really good. The Kitesurfing Beach House is very fine with a nice braai and a shop integrated. There are good and professional instructors. I have learned what to do and what not to do (1 handed superman loops) with the kite. During the course I have learned to handle the kite safe, l feel now comfortable with the kite in my hands.

Matthias Willi
matthias.willi [at]
06. Dec - 18. Dec 2009 - Course A + B

Kitesurfing Kurse Reisen Südafrika The support by the teachers was very close. There’s always been somebody responsible around you. From my first day ‘til the end of the course has been a big improvement in my Kitesurfing skills. When I came here, I had no idea about this sport. Now, I’m on a level to go even upwind. Thanks to this support especially by Gabriel, I gonna be able to continue practising this sport by myself.

Mariska Wildenberg
The Netherlands
m.ariskaw [at]
22. Nov - 03. Dec 2009 - Course D

Kitesurfing Kurs Südafrika This weeks we have our second advanced kitesurfing course. During the courses I have seen the working of the unique concept: teaching advanced kiteboarders. All participants of the course set their personal goals for the course. Together with the instructors you take the challenge to reach your goal at the end of the course. What I like is the advanced teaching method with radio communication, each student receives immediate feedback, so you can correct your fault direct. I enjoyed it to be every day on the water with different locations and weather conditions. Even if the conditions are not so good everybody is enthusiastic. What I enjoyed the most were the downwinders with all participants and instructors together from Sunset Beach till Doodles (bar). A great experience is to live all together in the Kite Beach House. All different people, all with different goals and all with different nationalities but still one group. Not only kiting is important but also the lifestyle. Last but not least, don’t forget the good party’s at the Kitekahunas Beach House till late (and sometimes early) in the night!

Leila Nouar
Purchasing Manager
Leilanouar [at]
22 November – 3 December 2009 - Course F

Kitesurfing Urlaub SüdafrikaThe spot I preferred was Langebaan Beach. We had a very special and lovely group, all coming from different countries. The room was pretty good.

Laura Theunissen
The Netherlands
Lauratheunissen [at]
8.-20. Nov 2009 - Course B

Kitesurfing Reisen Südafrika The Kitekahunas house is a good place to stay. The people who work there are very nice, the food is all right and I liked it a lot to share a big beach house with a group of other kiters. The thing I enjoyed the most was kiting almost everyday on a different location. I had a very nice group and we’ve also had a nice time together when we were off the water. I learned to ride upwind and do transitions. Unfortunately I haven’t learned to jump yet.

Doreen Liebenow
IT Consultant
Doreenliebenow [at]
22. Nov - 03. Dec 2009 - Course A/B

Kitesurfing Reisen Südafrika Kapstadt I have some statements:
- the location of Kitekahunas is a nice spot to live, near to the beach
- good atmosphere in the Kite Beach House with friendly people (and a friendly dog)
- lessons: clear explanation with good and useful theory
- really good attention for safety during the lessons
- personal instructions (by radio communication)
- my goals are achieved: to get on the board
- instructors are very competent
- there were suggestions to do (wavesurfing, cable park, excursions) on windless days
Thanks for the great time!

Dr. Wolfram Reiners
8.-20. Nov 2009 - Course D

kitesurfing travel Cape Town We have now had our first advanced courses run with the new teaching concept. All course participants are setting their clear personal goals for their course together with their advanced instructors. All students and instructors are always connected with radio communication on the water and this helps a lot to achieve a steep learning curve - simply because each student receives immediate feedback and can immediately correct his/her movements. We have visited several kitesurfing spots around Cape Town and again, this is of great help to achieve learning goals: the sheer variety of conditions is shaping the skills of our kitesurfing students towards much more versatility - i personally enjoyed very much the "Strand" kitesurfing spot, with small waves and perfectly mirror-flat sections in between. All this in 80 cm deep water simply helps to learn new tricks a lot. You can test and try .. adapt .. lose your board .. fetch it quickly and re-try. Till the new kiteboarding trick is safely landed. Otherwise, the programme around the courses with Cape Town's attractions, restaurants and night life is great. Not to mention the fantastic parties at the Kitekahunas Beach House, which sometimes develop out of the blue ... well done everybody!

A Banker
8.-20. Nov 2009 - Course B

Feedback KITEKAHUNAS I was very interested in improving my kitesurfing skills and wanted to escape the cold days in Switzerland. So I decided to look after a kitesurfing school in a warm region and found the very professional Internet page of Kitekahunas. The school is situated near Cape Town on Sunset beach. All participants are living in the nice beach house. I had my own apartment, very clean and charming. The atmosphere is very relaxed. Although the first 5 days were cold and rainy we had great kitesurfing sessions (in the lagoon of Langebaan with flat water and in the Atlantic Ocean, on different spots). I have to say, that the cold water of the Atlantic is no problem because we all were wearing wetsuits; we felt warm and comfortable. The instructors were standing on the beach, connected with us through radio instructions, while we were trying to surf down- and upwind and coming back to the point we started from. We had a lot of fun, not only on the water. I reached my goals that I feel now very comfortable on my board and I became an independent kitesurfer. Now I am ready for the next steps: jumping…

Dr. Henrik Fastrich
Managing Partner
fastrich [at]
8.-20. Nov 2009 - Course B

Kitesurfing Reisen Südafrika I found out about Kitekahunas on the internet finding their very professional website and after finishing the course I can say that they have lived up to their promises. We kited in three different locations: Atlantic Ocean, Indian Ocean as well as in a very nice lagoon in Langebaan. By the way cold water which I was worrying about is no issue at all if you have a good wet suit. Despite of unusually cold weather conditions we had 5 out of 7 days water time with radio instructions from beach while fighting with water starts and going point to point. I liked the atmosphere in the Kite Beach House even though you have to get used the very relaxed kitesurfing lifestyle.